Microsoft Studios VP Wants To Reimagine Gears Of War For Xbox One

Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer wishes to have more Gears of War games, but not before reimagining its formula.

"I really think we need to take a step back with Epic and think about... I don't want to call it a reboot because I think it's an overused term but think about where that franchise goes and how to expand what it was," he said.

"I'd love to have that conversation," added Spencer. "I do talk to the Epic guys often. They're also busy right now. I think they've said Gears is kind of on the back burner for them. So I think it would be a situation where the opportunity came up at the right time it'd be great to sit down with them. They're again the right team to work on that game. Trying to find another team to do that game I think is possible, but I think you'd want to make sure you did that very carefully along with them to make sure we had the right thing in place."

The Microsoft VP doesn't want to just make more of the same either. "I think that franchise would need to be... not be reworked but think about how to expand that universe and what people are doing," he explained. "Maybe make it more gritty, I don't know. You'd want to do something with it, because I think it ran its course on 360. And it was a great success on the 360, but it doesn't quite have the story arc of a thing like Halo or something, at least the way it's played out in the games."

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