Interview: Taking DC Universe Online to the next level on PS4

The PlayStation 4 will have no shortage of free-to-play games when it launches later this month, but one title that should be on everyone's radar is DC Universe Online. Owners of a PlayStation 3 are probably already aware of the game from Sony Online Entertainment, but for those of you who aren't, it's a massively multiplayer online action game that sees you create your very own super hero and battle it out alongside various DC Super Heroes and villains.

The free-to-play title has proved extremely popular on both PC and PS3, and with the launch of the PlayStation 4, SOE is hoping to take the gameplay experience to a super hero level. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk with DCUO Sr. Creative Director Jens Andersen who shed some light on the upcoming PS4 version of the game and from how it sounds, it seems they are doing just that.

GameZone: Now that we're getting close to the launch of the PS4, how's DC UniverseOnline shaping up so far?

Jens Andersen: Everything is going as expected which if you know anything about the games industry means there's been ups and downs through the entire process. It's really a tricky endeavor for Sony in general to launch the next generation of consoles. So they have their own things their worrying about getting the hardware out, which we, of course, then have to coordinate with them on our end to try and get DCUO on to the PS4.

The product itself is looking amazing right now. The graphics, the performance, everything about DCUO on the PS4 is taking the game experience for players to the next level. Right now we're just dealing with the obvious finishing touches that go into doing something like this...

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