How Much Will the Jump to Next-Gen Cost You?

The holiday season is always an expensive time for gamers, but this year we're seeing the launch of not one, but two next-gen consoles: Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Only one other time have two systems launched in such close proximity (Wii and PS3 both release in November 2006), but that was hardly the competition offered with Microsoft and Sony's next-gen consoles. Can you recall a time ever before in gaming like the one we're witnessing today between the Xbox One and PS4? Because I can't.

Point being, with the Xbox One and PS4 both launching in November -- just a week apart -- it's likely going to be an even more expensive holiday season. Now I know not everyone will be purchasing a next-gen console at launch. You are probably the smart ones. But for the rest of us, our wallets are going to be hurting.

So for fun, I decided to put together a running tally of how much upgrading to the next-gen will cost me. Just don't show this to my wife...

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