For Sale in L.A.: Rumored Rental Home of Beatles, David Hockney

Hollywood Hills rental to Beatles

By Erika Riggs

In Los Angeles, real estate often stays in the celebrity family. If one celeb lives in a home, chances are another will follow suit. Such seems the case with an English-style home at 1385 Miller Place in the Hollywood Hills that's listed for sale at $2.495 million. The charming house reputedly has been rented by a number of stars over the years, starting with The Beatles.

"It was a rental house for a long time," current owner Mike Clifford said. "When The Beatles played the Hollywood Bowl at the height of their fame, they stayed in the house. David Hockney lived in the home for a couple of years and gave my neighbor a painting." Musician Meat Loaf and author Casey Johnson, daughter of Johnson & Johnson's co-founder, also reportedly leased the home. (View the interior in the slideshow below.)

The former owner was a Hollywood socialite, and through her, stars discovered the 1939-built home for themselves. Of course, most of the home's rental history is hearsay -- stories passed from owner to owner and neighbor to neighbor -- as rental agreements and lease records aren't kept by the county. The Beatles reportedly stayed in the mid-1960s, followed by artist Hockney in the 1980s.

"Hockney was best friends with my neighbor, who told me that he [Hockney] physically painted the bottom of my pool, and then it was subsequently covered over by the owner at the time," Clifford said. Clifford bought the 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home in 2004, saying he loved the light-filled spaces and architecture, unusual for an area dominated by Spanish-style homes. He lived in the home for a year and a half before he, too, rented it out.

Now that the market is better and he's spending most of his time in New York, Clifford said that he has decided to sell the home, but he admits that he's sad to let it go. "It's a special place." Listing agent Richard Klug of Sotheby's International Realty said an offer has been accepted for the home, but until the deal goes through, it will remain on the Hollywood Hills real estate market.

For Sale: A Rumored Rental to the Stars
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For Sale in L.A.: Rumored Rental Home of Beatles, David Hockney

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