See, Journalists Don't Just Bash the Xbox One

There's no doubt that the sentiment among Microsoft fans is that media have covered the launch of next-gen systems with bias. When the Xbox One was first announced, you saw (mostly from unprofessionals) the phrase "Xbone" -- a not-so-clever play on Xbox One and the unfavorable features first announced -- thrown around.

Microsoft, undoubtedly, was cast as the villain early on in the next-generation race. Always-on DRM, the inability to resell/trade-in games, a focus on media over games, mandatory Kinect, no headset included -- all features that have since been scrapped or changed drastically -- were unfavorable among mass consumers and media alike. It wasn't that the media was picking on the Xbox One; it's just that we were writing what was evident: gamers were disappointed in many of the Xbox One's features.

And as for the PlayStation 4? Well, there really wasn't much to hate about the system. They made it clear from the beginning that the PlayStation 4 would be all about gamers -- something gamers obviously want to hear. They took advantage of Microsoft's blunders at E3 and other various press events. They have a more attractive price. What's was not to like?

That's because up until yesterday Sony had said all the right things...

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