Tesla Opens West Coast Supercharger "Corridor"

Tesla Opens West Coast Supercharger "Corridor"

Tesla Motors has wired up the Pacific Coast. The company announced today that it opened its West Coast Supercharger Corridor, essentially a network of stations that have the charging facilities for the automaker's electric cars. The corridor allows owners of its Model S vehicles to travel uninterrupted along the coast from San Diego to Vancouver.

In order to commemorate the opening -- and perhaps prove the veracity of its claims -- Tesla said a pair of Model Ses will make the 1,750-mile San Diego-Vancouver trip utilizing only its superchargers. The company will provide updates on the journey through various online outlets.

According to Tesla, its superchargers "are substantially more powerful than any other charging technology in the world." It says they can charge a Model S 20 times faster than the majority of comparable public facilities.

Meanwhile, Tesla is scheduled to release its Q3 results after market close next Tuesday. It will also host a live webcast at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time to discuss the quarter.

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