Check Out These Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Screenshots

Earlier this month we brought you the exciting news that NimbleBit would be teaming up with Disney to bring us a brand new tower-building adventure set in the realm of Star Wars. Tiny Tower and Stars Wars just seem like the perfect match to us, and the upcoming 8-bit mobile game is already perched high atop our list of most anticipated releases.

Well to give us another little taste of all the awesomeness that's still in store, Disney has unveiled four new images of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star in action, and they're everything we hoped they would be and more. From tiny pixelated Stormtroopers to 8-bit Darth Vader himself, it looks like our Tiny Death Stars are really going to be where all of the action is at in the universe!

So now enough with all of this writing, and on to the Star Wars: Tiny Death Star screenshots!

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