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Dead Trigger 2 - Make More Money | Cheats And Tips | Review

The original Dead Trigger had a turbulent release last year, due to crippling levels of piracy on the Android platform that sent the developers at Madfinger Games scrambling to convert both Android and iOS editions into free-to-play games.

This time around it's free-to-play from the off, and Dead Trigger 2 is certain to put a smile on the face of anyone who played, loved, or just stole (shame on you) the original. Guns, zombies, and gorgeous graphics. What's not to like?

The Good

Madfinger has pushed mobile graphics technology to impressive new heights with this shooter sequel. As well as playing neatly, with a slick auto-firing control system that lets you concentrate on positional and aiming tactics, it looks drop-dead gorgeous. The framerate's solid as a rock too as you tear apart some ingeniously designed zombies with a brutal assortment of weaponry. It's more of the same then, but even better.

The Bad

The game feels overwhelmingly staged at times - the way that events are handled, the gentle steering towards every objective, and so on. Dead Trigger 2 feels like half a game, half a cinematic experience. It's by no means an on-rails shooter - you'll free to move back and forth - but it might as well be to be honest. We also found the text and icons to be fantastically fiddly on smaller iPhone and iPod Touch screens - although it's only really problematic in pre-mission preparations.

The Verdict

Dead Trigger fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as this is a very worthy sequel. Even prettier than before, but with the same meaty destruction of the undead, Dead Trigger is a very welcome addition to the App Store.

Dead Trigger 2 - Make More Money | Cheats And Tips | Review

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