What It's Like To Be ... An Improv Comedian

<b class="credit">Dan Fastenberg/AOL</b>Bethany Hall is pictured with the microphone.
Dan Fastenberg/AOLBethany Hall is pictured with the microphone.

The odds of making it as a professional comedian are about as good as winning the lottery. But the field's minor leagues -- improv groups located in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles among other sites -- are in fact a collegial workplace, said Bethany Hall, a 30-year old member of the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York.

"You have to be a collaborative person because you are constantly engaging with people," she told AOL Jobs while recently participating in the weekly show, "The Chris Gethard Show." "If you're not a collaborator, I imagine this work would be hard," she added. The classes are open to any and all at theatres like UCB.