Score a Touchdown With These Tailgate Party Tips -- Savings Experiment

Money-Saving Tailgate Party Tips
Money-Saving Tailgate Party Tips

Having a tailgate party is a great way to celebrate football season, but feeding your hungry friends can cost you a pretty penny. Here's how score big savings on snacks, party platters and more.

First, avoid buying pre-made platters. While they're super convenient, you'll be paying a premium for the the grab-and-go option. These platters are often marked up by 100 percent. Instead, make your own. Sure, it takes a little more time and planning, but veggie plates, deviled eggs and meat-and-cheese plates will end up costing less than $1 per serving.

Another way to save is to pack your guests' plates with inexpensive filler foods. Potato salad, tortilla chips, chili and dips can all cost less than $1 per serving. They're also popular tailgating foods, so no one will think twice about your menu.

Finally, find ways to dress up game-day favorites in budget-friendly ways. For instance, you can create a hot dog bar with inexpensive toppings -- just use onions, peppers, chili and corn to put a new spin on the classic fare.

So, the next time you want to host a tailgate party, use these tips to cut back on the costs. You'll have just as much fun, only with a little more money in your pocket.

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