Review: Beyond Two Souls

Following the hugely successful launch of Quantic Dream's critical darling Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, an interactive drama action-adventure PlayStation 3 exclusive, is the French developer's latest effort in capturing the love of gamers once again. It's unfortunate, then, that the Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe game falls well short of expectations.

Beyond Two Souls isn't a great video game, and that's only if you can call it a video game. Although it has stellar storytelling, you'll be left thinking if there's any gameplay at all. It's predominately based on executing timed events via the DualShock controller's buttons and analog sticks. There has been no shortage of titles that qualify as an interactive movie, which particularly applies to Heavy Rain, but instead of elevating the genre into something more, Beyond Two Souls does nothing but question the credence of the genre itself.

The game's story revolves around a young woman, Jodie. A companion who is largely mysterious, Aiden, has been with her since she was born. While Aiden protects Jodie, she doesn't essentially know what Aiden actually is. Players are able to control both Jodie and Aiden, with the latter being carried out via a a first person view where he can interact with objects that are highlighted and travel through walls; this must be done, however, within a set distance of Jodie.

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