Mega Dead Pixel iPad Review

In Mega Dead Pixel, the latest endless runner from Chillingo, you control a single white sprite as it scrolls down a field of multiple dots and shapes. You have three options available - you can paint these dots/shapes by swiping, you can avoid them altogether, and once you transform into the mighty Mega Pixel, you can run them over.

The gameplay is simple. The more objects you paint, the closer you get to your Mega transformation. Along the way, you can also pick up coins and extra white dots to grow in size, which gives you an extra hit on your run. If you manage to hit a single object as the smallest dot, it's game over.

The Good

With an adorable old-school presentation and catchy soundtrack, Mega Dead Pixel does quite a bit with so little. In addition, there's a bunch to unlock, including additional accessories, 8-bit style songs and stages.

It's also fun to play, as you complete multi-object paintings and other challenges. Plus, the freemium system is fair enough that you won't get beaten senseless with unfair Microtransactions.

The Bad

Mega Dead Pixel suffers from finicky controls. While not a deal-breaker, misread commands may result in hitting objects by accident. On top of that, the gameplay rarely changes. The cosmetic differences are nice, but you do the same thing throughout. It's fun, but repetitive.

The Verdict

While not as well detailed as its competition, Mega Dead Pixel is a quality mix of old-school design and catchy modern-day gameplay. Be sure to download it to your favorite iOS device.

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