Woman Works At McDonald's For 40 Years

Woman Works at McDonalds for 40 Years
Woman Works at McDonalds for 40 Years

It's rare these days for anyone to stay at a single company for 40 years. So it's pretty remarkable that Michelle McCabe has done that at McDonald's. In fact she has the longest tenure of any McDonald's employee in the state of Connecticut. Maybe it's her name.

"I love the people. It's a fun environment," she said in a FOX-TV interview. "We have fun everyday and there's something different and challenging everyday. It's not a boring job."

McCabe started out as an administrative assistant and crew trainer in the Derby restaurant, back when the menu consisted of hamburgers, Big Mac, QuarterPounder and filet of fish. She has worked at stores all over the state advancing to assistant manager and then manager.

Today she is a manager at the New Britain restaurant on Main Street, where she gets to taste test french fries daily.

The job has allowed her to meet people from all over the world. At Hamburger University, which she's attended in Chicago three times, students came in to learn McDonald's operations from Japan, Australia, Europe.

As a mother, she says, McDonald's gave her the flexibility over her career to spend time with her family and participate in her children's school events. "My kids when they were young thought it was fantastic" that she worked at the home of Ronald McDonald.

The menu has evolved to something for everyone and her favorite item is Mighty McWings, and of course the classic Big Mac. Yet even managers are not allowed to take home any of the burger's 'special sauce.'

"If you like spicy, we have a new southwest chicken wrap that started yesterday," she says.

What's next for McCabe?

"When I retire it will be with McDonald's," she says. "It's been fantastic. There are so many opportunities within McDonald's."