Type:Rider iPhone Review

You wouldn't think that a game based on the history of writing and the evolution of fonts would be worth taking a second look at, but if you thought that then you'd be denying yourself one of the most original games we've seen all year.

Type:Rider puts you in charge of two loosely connected dots, and you need to gently roll, jump and flip them along a puzzle-filled journey from the cave-paintings of pre-historic times, to the modern digital era.

The Good

We'll be surprised if you play a more visually striking game this year, something that even a quick glance at the video below will confirm. There's a beautiful soundtrack humming away in the background too, and while the puzzles sometimes feel fairly predictable and safe, you'll get a real sense of satisfaction from making progress in the game

The Bad

Sometimes the controls feel just a little too unresponsive, and we incurred a few avoidable deaths during our journey through Type:Rider. Visually, the game asks a lot of even a fourth-generation iPad, and it does stutter - albeit only occasionally.

The Verdict

If you were going to score a game on purely aesthetic terms - and even taking the odd frame-rate hiccup into account - Type:Rider would take home top honors. ANd while the controls do take a little of the shine off this remarkable title, we'll be surprised if you play a more original, absorbing, and lovingly crafted puzzle game in 2013.

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