Walmart Worker Fired After Helping Woman Under Attack In Parking Lot


Walmart Employee Fired 'For Helping Assaulted Woman'
Walmart Employee Fired 'For Helping Assaulted Woman'

You just never know when you are going to stumble onto a situation that requires you to step in and help a person in need. So if you are on a break from work, and see a man beating up a woman in your company parking lot, the noble thing to do is stand up for her. It's the choice 30-year-old Kristopher Oswald made earlier this week during his overnight shift stocking pet food at a Walmart store in the southern Michigan town of Hartland. After seeing a man ambush a woman, Oswald intervened and diverted the man's attention until the police arrived.

But as a result of making that choice, Detroit TV station WXYZ reported, Oswald was fired. Oswald is a recent hire of the retail behemoth, having begun his job about seven weeks ago. His freshly minted status as a Walmart staffer means that he was not yet considered a full-time employee. But the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer still said that Oswald was subject to a company policy forbidding employees to intervene in such situations, according to the news site Opposing Views. And so Oswald was let go.