The Best iPhone & iPad Puzzle Games - October, 2013

Few genres have flourished on the App Store like the good old puzzle game genre, and it's easy to see why. With a focus on thought over furious finger-work, they're tailor-made for touchscreen gaming. It's not been easy trimming our shortlist down to these final ten games, but here are the puzzlers we think you need to own.

10. Bejeweled

Bejeweled may seem a little primitive compared to modern match-up games, but this is the one that started the whole craze - and it still deserves a place on any gamer's phone or tablet. However much the gameplay might have aged, this is still one of puzzle gaming's prettiest titles too.

Download Bejeweled - iPhone ($0.99) | iPad ($3.99)

9. Dots: A Game About Connecting

It's hard to think of a simpler game than Dots, but its dominance of the App Store puzzle charts in recent months is well-deserved. By weaving lines between dots of the same color within the game's grid, you'll play again and again to add just a little more to your high score.

Dots: A Game About Connecting- Video Guides

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8. Flow Free

There are three objectives to achieve in Flow Free. Draw solid lines of a single color between the pairs of dots, fill every square on the board, and make sure no lines overlap.. It's not too hard at first, but once you get onto the bigger grids you'll be pulling your hair out - in the nicest sense possible, of course.

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7. Quell Memento

If it's variety you crave in a puzzle game, then Quell Memento has it in spades. The core gameplay here revolves around steering orbs around a series of mazes to change the colors of the walls, but each level pack introduces a devilish new twist. It'll be a long time before you tire of this puzzle game - and even longer until you get a perfect rating on each level.

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Download Quell Memento - iOS Universal ($2.99)

6. Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft blends together empire building and puzzle gameplay to create one of our favorite games of 2012. You'll have to harvest your crops to feed your cattle, to feed your miners, to keep them working, to keep the ore coming in, and so on ad infinitum in this very addictive game.

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5. Dungeon Raid

Dungeon Raid is about as pure a match-up game as you can possibly imagine, and that's just fine by us. You'll need to build up attacking power to take down the enemies, keep your defenses up by matching shields, and gobble down every potion you can get your hands on in order to stay alive. Genuinely funny pre-game character bios put the icing on the cake.

Download Dungeon Raid - iOS Universal ($1.99)

4. Stickets

Don't be fooled by Stickets' simple aesthetics. This puzzle game will give you a mental workout like few others - and have you coming back for more again and again. In Stickets you have a very limited amount of space to cram in colored tetrominos, and you'll have to make every move count if you're to beat your friends' best scores. Unmissable stuff.

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Download Stickets - iPhone ($2.99)

3. 10000000

No that's not a typo, but the eccentrically named 10000000. This bizarre but addictive puzzle game combines endless running, match-three gameplay, and RPG upgrade systems to make one of the most compelling puzzle games of all time. Don't be put off by the strange name - this is one puzzler you need to own.

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Download 10000000 - iOS Universal ($1.99)

2. Drop7

Ah, the mighty Drop 7. King of the hill for many puzzle gamers - Modojo included - until Slydris came along, this game has caused us more missed stops on the daily commute than just about any other. A strange combination of quick-fire maths and Tetris, you'll be chipping away at this enigmatic title for weeks.

Download Drop7 - iOS Universal ($2.99)

1. Slydris

Slydris provides a superb new take on Tetris, where you have to carefully layer lines on top of one another to clear the decks below, and stop the pile reaching the top of the screen. Everyone has their favorite mode in the game - and it won't be long before you have one too.

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