12 Companies Hiring For The Holidays

State Unemployment (FILE - In this Nov. 4, 2009 file photo, job recruiters wait at a booth at a holiday job fair at Skyline Coll

With the unemployment rate still stuck at 7.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many workers will be looking for holiday jobs in addition to gifts. Luckily for them 39 percent of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers for the holiday season this year, a three point jump from 2012, according to a CareerBuilder survey. (CareerBuilder is an AOL Jobs partner.)

The survey was based on interviews with 2,099 hiring managers and was conducted by Harris Interactive. And according to Brent Rasmussen, the president of CareerBuilder North America, the new jobs may provide workers with cheer even after the last tinsel disappears. "Nearly half (49 percent) of U.S. employers who are hiring seasonal workers plan to transition some into full-time, permanent staff," he said.

Not every forecast for this year's holiday hiring has been as bullish. As AOL Jobs reported, a separate study from the Chicago-based employment consulting firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas said retailers will be hiring 700,000 temporary workers for the Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 holiday season this year, which marks a seven percent drop-off from last year. The Challenger survey found an inability to fully shake off the doubt and uncertainty from the financial crisis.

All studies, however, agree there will be plenty of jobs for the taking. So where will they be? See below for 12 companies that will be hiring.