Best in Hop: The World of Rabbit Show Jumping

<b class="credit">Cassandra Brustkern</b>
Cassandra Brustkern

Glimmer won't hop. Nose in the air, he sniffs the 2-inch-high pole in front of him. It's much lower than obstacles he's cleared while training at home. Nevertheless, he refuses to budge.

Cassandra Brustkern, his patient 12-year-old trainer, emits a soft "tch tch." Nothing. She bends down to tap his butt lightly. Nothing. Glimmer glances at the 50 or so kids who have come to see him at the Iowa State Fair, but their pleading faces? Nothing.

Shrugging, Cassandra returns Glimmer to his crate. She isn't bothered by his obstinacy. Neither is her mom, Joan Knoebel. "You can't make a rabbit hop," Joan notes.

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