Lunchtime Live: Let's Talk FlexTime

Lunchtime Live: Let's Talk FlexTime

Above is a highlight from the October 18 episode of Lunchtime Live. For the full segment, watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Working Mother MediaCarol Evans
Working Mother Media declared Oct. 15 "National Flex Day" to raise awareness of the power of flexible working arrangements to empower employees and increase productivity.

Flex is not just for mothers. And it's not one big rosy picture. It requires good communication skills and trust.

According to the "How We Flex" report, 59 percent say their employers allow for flexibility when work is done, while 53 percent say their employer is flexible on where the work gets done. Yet 44 percent of those who use flexible work arrangements say their commitment at work is challenged by their boss or co-workers.

What's more, while 65 percent of working mothers report they could have a flexible schedule, only 37 percent actually take advantage of it.

AOL Jobs invited a great panel of guests to speak on the topic. Among them were: Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media; Jennifer Owens, director of The Working Mother Research Institute; Bruce Watson, a working dad at AOL's own DailyFinance; and Wendy Kaufman, CEO of Balancing Life's Issues.
Working Mother MediaJennifer Owens
Aol Jobs editor-in-chief Laurie Petersen, who has extensive experience with flexible work arrangements as a manager and employee, moderated the discussion.

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