'Undercover Boss': Donatos Owner Jane Grote Abell Fires Worker For Smoking Pot On Job


'Undercover Boss': Owner Discovers Employee Smoking Pot On The Job
'Undercover Boss': Owner Discovers Employee Smoking Pot On The Job

Workers are also human beings and so need to unwind at some point during their day. There are of course infinite ways to blow off steam in 2013, and increasingly, turning to marijuana is becoming an acceptable option in the U.S.; last year saw the complete legalization of marijuana in the states of Colorado and Washington. Smoking up, however, is still not as innocuous an option as having a cup of coffee. And Donatos pizza delivery driver Aaron learned this the hard way on the most recent episode of "Undercover Boss."

As can be seen in the video above, Aaron thought he was confiding about his hobby in a woman named, "Cathy Cooper," who said she was shadowing him as part of her appearance on a second chances reality show in the hope of opening her own restaurant. That was not the case. He was in fact being followed around by Jane Grote Abell, the owner and chairman of the board of Donatos Pizza, the Ohio-based pizza chain that grosses around $170 million a year.