Disney Will Cash In on "Star Wars" Sooner Than You Think

The Inquisitor will play a key role in Star Wars Rebels. Source: Lucasfilm.

Fear not, Star Wars fans. Walt Disney won't make you wait till 2015 to enjoy more epic adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars Rebels will debut on Disney XD next year.

Lucasfilm has been talking about the show since May. At this weekend's New York Comic Con, the producers went further and introduced the series' key antagonist: The Inquisitor, tasked to hunt down and destroy the remaining Jedi Knights left in the wake of Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith.

Specifically, the series is set about 14 years following the events of Sith and centers on the poor planet of Lothal, an Outer Rim territory that welcomes the occupying forces of the Empire in exchange for security and the promise of prosperity. The mood shifts once the authorities begin to recruit locals to join the Stormtroopers and build TIE fighters, setting in motion events that (presumably) lead to the full-scale rebellion that is the subject of Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope.

Here's more about the show from Executive Producer Dave Filoni:

Sources: Lucasfilm, YouTube.

How much should investors care about Rebels? A lot, I think. Disney spent $4 billion to acquire the Lucasfilm empire, but it can't fully cash in without new Star Wars properties. Rebels is the first step in re-energizing older fans and attracting new ones. If done well, I could see the show building enthusiasm for 2015's Episode VII, the first live-action Star Wars film in a decade.

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