Rumoured GTA V PC Release Date

There've been a lot of rumours circulating about when Rockstar will bring its latest magnum opus crime simulator to the PC, since it's been so successful elsewhere and everyone with a GTX 780 is just itching to see what it can do to the expansive open world, so what's one more?

Eurogamer has heard some whispers from a friend of a friend of a girlfriend's brother, that GTA V is landing early next year. Best bet, sometime in the first quarter.

If this were to follow the same release strategy as GTA IV, it would mean we should be looking at a April release window.

Of course this isn't a surprise at all and isn't really much of a stretch for a rumour. If you'd asked anyone to take a swing at a PC release date for the game with no prior warning, they've probably have told you roughly the same. There is a little more science to Eurogamer's method, but not much more.

It cites several sources, but highlights specifically one made by Nvidia senior director of investment relations, Chris Evenden, who said that PC gamers were looking forward to a GTA V release, alongside games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed IV. He later redacted the commented and Rockstar refused to comment.

Obviously he was speaking in generalities and probably did it without much prior knowledge, but maybe the slip was legitimate.

Either way, we're all expected GTA V to hit PC soon and chances are "soon" means in the new year. Whether we'll still be talking about it by that point, is anyone's guess.

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