Modojo's iOS/Android Game Picks 10/11/13

After the heady rush of September's release schedule - when Infinity Blade, Angry Birds, and FIFA battled it out for supremacy - October's seemed a little flat by comparison. There are still plenty of top-notch mobile games coming out week by week though, and it's given smaller games the chance to have their moment in the spotlight.

Here's our pick of the very best of iPhone, iPad and Android gaming this week.

Steampunk Tower [Download: iOS]

Steampunk Tower takes the tired tower defense genre and breathes some much-needed life into it. This beautifully presented game places you in charge of an eccentrically designed steampunk tower, one that's armed to the teeth with ferocious Victorian weaponry. Varied enemy design and some clever weapon reload systems ensure you'll be kept on your toes throughout the game's generous campaign. More like this please.

Steampunk Tower - Review

The Blockheads [Download: Android | iOS]

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