Janitor Admits To Paying Students $1 To Beat Up Fourth-Grade Classmate

When you work with or around children you're likely to confront many challenges that will leave you searching for answers. And then there are the no-brainers, such as refraining from ordering a hit on a fourth grader just because he or she made fun of you. But one janitor has apparently embraced that act of egregious impropriety and paid off two fourth-graders to "rough up" one of their nine-year old classmates who was mouthing off. The janitor, who was working on a contract for the Grand Rapids Public School system in Michigan, has admitted to the story and was promptly fired on Monday, as the Associated Press reported.

None of the parties have been identified in local reports. But the lunchtime incident centered over a $1 offer made by a female janitor to two students at the Campus Elementary school. Apparently the janitor, who was employed through the privately-owned West Michigan Janitorial Service, was taken aback by comments directed at her by another fourth grader that involved a "curse word and unflattering comments," as the Grand Rapids Press reported.

And according to reports, the students accepted the offer and beat up their classmate, as local NBC outlet WOOD reported. No major injuries, however, were reported. Reports also didn't mention if the pair of students will be disciplined for accepting the offer.

The mother of the targeted student was shocked by her child's ordeal. "To think that there's an adult that can be so like twisted to sit there and watch a little boy -- a little 9-year-old boy -- get beat up, and get enjoyment out of it," she told the Grand Rapids Press. She also is not being named in reports for fear of further attacks.

The incident came to the school's attention after a bystander overheard the scheme and reported it to school authorities, according to reports. And upon being questioned, the janitor offered her confession. She was then fired.

In speaking to the Grand Rapids Press, school spokesman John Helmholdt had harsh words regarding the worker's conduct. "It is absolutely unacceptable in any way, shape or form for an employee to behave in this manner," he said. "There are consequences, and this individual learned quick the hard way."

Prior to this incident the female janitor, who began working at the school this year, had a clean criminal record, as the NBC affiliate reported. The victim's mother also said she is considering whether she wants to press charges. The Grand Rapids police are reportedly also looking into the matter.

The incident is not the only instance from this past week of workers who work with public school students being accused of acting outrageously on the job. As AOL Jobs reported, Albuquerque mother Carola Montoya just came forward to say a bus driver for her second-grade daughter sent her a text message saying she didn't want to help out her "retarded" daughter anymore because of her cerebral palsy.

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