Driver Won't Let Special Needs Child on Bus, Mother Says


Driver Won't Let Special Needs Child on Bus
Driver Won't Let Special Needs Child on Bus

It's crucial to have a warm and sensitive side if you spend your days working with children. And so if you are a bus driver for elementary school students you should be patient and helpful if one of your students has cerebral palsy and can't keep her head upright as a result. Yet one bus driver for Chaparral Elementary School in Albuquerque apparently got so fed up with having to help out second grader Valerie Montoya she told her mother Carol her daughter was no longer welcome on the bus as a result of her special needs.

The driver delivered the message via text message, and didn't stop there, according to Carol. The driver included epithets in the message, allegedly telling the mother, , "Get your f--ing fat a-- up and take your own f--ing retarded daughter to school. I ain't no nurse and sh--." With no bus at her disposal, Valerie is now left without a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to take her to school. Her mother is calling for the Herrera Bus Company to fire the bus driver, as local ABC outlet KOAT reported. The case is being investigated by Albuquerque police, and the driver is being investigated for harassment. The company, however, is saying the messages were in fact not sent by the driver, as was reported by the Albuquerque Journal News.