New Harvest Moon announced for 3DS

Famitsu has revealed "Harvest Moon: Linking (Connecting?) the New World" for the 3DS. Due out in February for 5,040 yen ($50) in Japan, the game is produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto, with character designs by Igusa Matsuyama.

"As the first new Harvest Moon release in two years, the game's subtitle translates to something like "Connecting New Lands." Series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto explained to Famitsu that "connecting" has a dual meaning here. "One meaning of that lies in the connectivity functions we use," he said. "The game supports StreetPass and Wi-Fi; you can trade assorted data with friends and you can also visit each other's farms. It also refers to connecting with the world, making connections to other countries via trade." Polygon reports.

Though there's no word yet on a U.S. release for the new Harvest Moon, check out more details about the game HERE.

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