Machete-Wielding Clerk Chases Gun-Toting Robber Out of Store

They say never bring a knife to a gun fight. But as a Long Island convenience store clerk proved recently, a machete is something else entirely. During an armed hold-up at the Stop & Shop Deli on Crooked Hill Road in Brentwood, NY, a 24-year-old part-time clerk dodged a bullet and then chased the would-be crook out the door, as the New York Post reported.

You might run, too, if you faced a really angry person swinging a long sharp blade over his head while moving toward you.

Although the date on the camera showed the year 2011, police told WNBC that it was a mistake. The attempted robbery took place Sept. 25 this year. The robber demanded that the clerk stuff the contents of the register into an Air Jordan Backpack.

Then things got dangerous. The clerk, who has not been identified, hesitated and the robber turned into an attempted murderer, shooting his .22-caliber pistol at the young man's head.

Had the robber's aim been better, this would have been a different story. The bullet narrowly missed the clerk and struck a wall instead of a skull. You can see how the clerk jerked his head back after the bullet had already passed.

According to shop owner Elena Alvarado, as reported by WNBC, the clerk had bought the machete the previous month "for protection." And he wasn't afraid to use it. Here he draws it out of a sheath, letting the robber see what he had let himself in for.

Finally, the clerk came out from the counter and, becoming the masked man's worst nightmare, went charging toward the robber.

In hindsight, it wasn't necessarily the smartest thing to do. As Alvarado told WNBC, "You can make money again, but not your life."

Then again, the clerk had already been shot at and might have thought that grabbing a weapon was safer than participating on the wrong end of target practice.

So, the next time you walk into a convenience store, best be polite and respectful. You wouldn't want to become an unwilling extra in a real-life version of the move Machete Kills.
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