Librarians Confess Their Naughtiest On-the-Job Moments

You know the image: hair in a bun, cats-eye glasses, mouth pursed from frequent shushing. Librarians are in a stereotyped occupation. But besides being experts in finding the information you need -- or reprimanding you for the book you've had checked out since 2003 -- they are people with the same foibles and weaknesses as the rest of us. Only, expressed in a literally literary way.

The institutional wall of silence around the secret lives and practices of librarians has cracked, thanks to a blog called Librarian Shaming. In it, anonymous libraries unburden themselves of their secrets -- sometimes steamy, sometimes shoddy (at least for librarians) -- largely in pictures of them holding signs of their confessions in front of their faces.

Racy and sensual
The picture at the top shows the wilder side of librarians. It's one of a number supposedly from a town called Dracut, Massachusetts. (It's hard to stay anonymous with an unusual town name and a blog claiming to be yours that shows the same photos.

Not all claim to live the 50 Shades of Grey title, although at least one other Dracut librarian wouldn't mind the book if it were better written.

Another prefers steamy romances involving the undead.

Ah, for the days of the Tropic of Cancer and Lolita.

Literary anti-snobs
You might assume that all librarians leave work to curl up with some weighty tome. Not so! One librarian turns to DVDs rather than paper.

Some have overdosed entirely on books.

Others never seemed much enthralled with them even in the past.

Then there are the library thieves: cunning plotters who, at one time or another have broken the trust of a library and made off with a book, whether for a long, unread, period of time or permanently.

At such a young age. Oh, the shame, the shame!

You also have the daring and lawless who flout not only library rules but federal law. There are those who conspire to infringe copyright,

the seemingly many who librarian-handle innocent books,

and those who write in books.

Grand conspiracy
Interestingly, the Dracut librarians were the first posters and left the following message:

We all have our dirty, embarrassing secrets. Dracut Librarians are no exception. Here are a few of our dirty librarian secrets. The faces have been hidden to protect their professional reputations <sic>

Obviously the ring leaders. Someone tell Homeland Security, only remind them to be very, very quiet.
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