Letters To Our Younger Selves

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In honor of International Day of the Girl, we've asked five female travel writers to write a letter to a younger version of herself, telling the girl tales of the experiences she can look forward to, and the lessons she will learn from travel.

Dear Dana
A small-town girl's big dreams eventually lead her beyond the library to Russia, Slovakia and Paris, always Paris. Read letter>>

Dear Pam
A passion for language opens doors around the world -- and comes in handy when the writer drives a borrowed car into a cornfield ditch in Spain. Read letter>>

Dear Jenie
A child's early attempt to dig a backyard hole to Africa is later answered with a real life lessons in a Tanzanian village. Read letter>>

Dear Terry
A girl concerned with following the expected course discovers freedom when she later chooses a life on the road. Read letter>>

Dear Nina
A family connection to travel affords the writer a childhood of unique experiences -- a tradition she later continues with her own children. Read letter>>