Disney announces 8-bit mobile game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

While the Disney takeover of Lucasfilm, Lucasarts and their total body of work hasn't been the smoothest of transitions or one that pleased every fan out there, you can't deny there's a certain bit of charm with this upcoming mobile title from Disney Interactive and NimbleBit, called: Tiny Death Star.

Coming from the people that made Tiny Tower and using the nostalgic and beautiful 8bit pixel art style, the Tiny Death Star has you joining the Dark Side and helping Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vadar build an all new Death Star. To do so though, you'll need money, which (of course) requires running intergalactic businesses in order to attract iconic characters from the series and other customers.

There's no word on the specifics of the game as of yet, beyond the above paraphrased synopsis, but the title screen art has some real class to it, which makes me a least a little intrigued by what Tiny Death Star might hold.

Being a mobile title from Nimblebit, we know the sort of game it's likely to be, but building up a giant space station, designed to dominate entire civilizations at a time, is a little more of an exciting setting than building a hotel or managing a fleet of airplanes.

While this isn't going to be a Star Wars 1313 replacement, it's got to be better than the Star Wars Holiday Special, even if it that isn't saying much.

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