5 Things to Watch on Wall Street: Investors Get a Lot of Food for Thought

Taco Bell-Menu

You can never know in advance all the news that will move the market in a given week, but some things you can see coming. From a smoothie chain updating investors on its sweet outlook to Taco Bell's parent letting us know how it rolls, here are some of the items that will help shape the week that lies ahead on Wall Street.

Monday -- Set Your Blenders to Whir: Jamba Juice parent Jamba (JMBA) has blending up fresh fruit smoothies long before your local barista or fast good chain has been cranking out icy fruit beverages.

Jamba has scheduled a conference call for Monday where it will initiate its guidance for the coming year. Jamba will also update investors on its recent initiatives, including its JambaGO self-serve machines that are helping the chain expand its reach without having to open physical stores.

Summer is peak smoothie-sipping season, so we may also see if the company can provide any kind of color about its latest quarter that concluded last month.

Tuesday -- Pizzas and Tacos and Chicken, Oh My!: Outside of running a burger joint, Yum! Brands (YUM) seems to have the fast food market covered. The company behind Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC reports on Tuesday.

%VIRTUAL-article-sponsoredlinks%Yum! may seem to be on the rise, especially at its Taco Bell chain where the Doritos Locos Tacos and Cantina Bell menu items that were added last year are paying off. That will leave some investors dumbfounded when Yum! posts slight declines in revenue and earnings in its latest quarter.

The culprit here is weakness at Yum!'s KFC business in China which is a real contributor to the company's performance. Until Yum! overcomes softness overseas it will be hard to start growing again.

Wednesday -- Let Them Eat Steak: Del Frisco's (DFRG) went public last summer at $13, and the premium steakhouse has gone on to beat the market in its brief public tenure.

Then again, upscale eateries have fared better than traditional casual dining companies that have seen potential customers migrate to more convenient and cheaper fast casual chains. You don't see too many people deciding between a burrito roller and a fancy chophouse.

We'll get a good glimpse at the landscape when Del Frisco's and meandering casual dining chain Ruby Tuesday (RT) report on Wednesday.

Only one of the two restaurant operators is expected to post a profit and grow its revenue. If you guessed the steakhouse, well done.

Thursday -- Grocers Check Out: Supermarket operators have historically been all-weather investments, generating steady returns in good times and bad.

However, Safeway (SWY) has been one of the market's biggest surprises, more than doubling over the past year. Safeway hasn't gotten there through growth. In fact, the grocer has been selling assets, and in April took a subsidiary public. However, streamlining its focus and operations is leading Safeway to improving margins and eventually greater profitability.

Safeway reports on Thursday.

Friday -- Banking on a Bounce: By some measuring sticks, earnings season will officially kick off on Friday with JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC) reporting.

Having a pair of the "too big to fail" financial services giants stepping up with fresh quarterly financials will likely set the tone for expectations in the weeks to come.

There's no shortage of events swirling about the market. It better hope that JPMorgan and Wells Fargo don't fall short of expectations.

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