Shutdown Doesn't Stop Employment Law Filing Deadlines

AFP/Getty Images

Thanks to the government shutdown, EEOC's website is down. NLRB's website is also down. You might assume the fact the government is shut down means your deadline for filing claims against your employer is extended. You'd be wrong (maybe). If you have a deadline coming up soon for filing a charge of discrimination with EEOC or a charge against employer with NLRB, you may still have to (somehow) get your filing done in time.

Discrimination claims: EEOC is the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Board. If you have a race, age, sex, religious, disability, color, national origin, genetic information discrimination claim, or a retaliation claim that arises from having objected to discrimination, you MUST file with EEOC first to protect your right to sue your employer. If your deadline is this week (or next week), you may have difficulty. Here's what EEOC says about the shutdown and deadlines: