Interpretive Quit Dancer Draws Hilarious YouTube Rebuttal

'I Quit' Woman's Ex-Boss Makes Rebuttal Video
When you quit a job by posting a video to YouTube of yourself doing an interpretive dance of a Kanye West song, the last thing you'd expect is for your employer to get in on the fun and throw their own dance party. But after Marina Shifrin posted a video of herself dancing to West's "Gone" from within the offices of Next Media Animation, a Taiwan-based video company, to announce she was quitting, her former colleagues decided to return the favor.

On Tuesday, the staff at Next Media created their own version of Kanye-inspired interpretive dancing of why they were happy with their jobs, clearly showing they wanted to have fun with the meme. "Since we have a rooftop pool and sauna, we'll call it even," read a subtitle in their version of the video, which was picked up by Mashable. The whole staff can be seen in the very same offices dancing as if their office was a nightclub.

Why even recognize an ex-coworker who released a video in which she wrote for a subtitle, "For almost two years I've sacrificed my relationships time and energy for this job. And boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets?"

For starters, the company may have been looking to capitalize on Shifrin's viral success. Her video has garnered a whopping 8.7 million page views since she first posted it this past weekend. And Shifrin started out her video making it clear she felt no ill will. "I work for an awesome company," was how her first subtitle read, before she broke into her full-body dance.

Shifrin, for her part, had only had further praise for her former colleagues upon hearing of their video. "Good for them. A little dancing goes a long way. Yet another example of why I love that team," she tweeted.

AOL Jobs regularly features workers who quit in style. In the past year, there's been the Bed Bath & Beyond employee who announced his desire to no longer work for his "P****k" of a boss on a pricetag at the store. And then there was the Chicago barista who quit his coffee shop gig through song, backup singers included.

The staff at Next Media Animation may have had other motivations for posting their video. After all, they need to replace Shifrin, and in their video, note, "We're Hiring."
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