5 Amazing Interviews from the Oil and Gas Front Lines

5 Amazing Interviews from the Oil and Gas Front Lines

Great companies are raised, not born, which is why The Motley Fool focuses so keenly on management when evaluating companies. Thankfully management teams like those below exist.

Many of the most successful tend to have one thing in common: a management team that is transparent about its thoughts behind the reasons for past success and future expectations. This point was driven home last week when I traveled to Houston with fellow Foolish analyst Joel South and our energy sector editor, Robert Coleman. The purpose of our trip was to interview some of the top minds in the oil and natural gas space, but what we came away with was far more meaningful than a few quotable phrases or investing tips for you, our valued readers.

Far too often, the media vilifies the oil and gas sector and its executives based on a few rotten apples or poorly contrived rumor-mongering regarding the way the industry operates. It's an unfortunate reality, but that's why we want to shed light on those who are truly changing the game for the benefit of us all.

This series will give you access to our thoughts on Morningstar's "2012 CEO of the Year", one of the most well respected "wildcatters" in the space, and a CEO whose company has been revolutionizing the way we understand wells for decades. And let's not skip over a COO with his finger on the pulse of our nation's energy infrastructure, and a CEO transforming an offshore driller into a true growth engine.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Joel and I will be publishing content that we assessed as valuable from an investing standpoint, as well as our general thoughts on what has made these companies such standout performers. One thing is for certain: It isn't solely at the top of these organizations. Friendly and intelligent folks could be found around every corner within these companies.

The Starting Lineup
By now, you're likely wondering which companies we had the good fortune to sit down with in Houston, the energy headquarter of the world. Many thanks go out to all that we were in contact with, at, in alphabetical order: Atwood Oceanics , Core Laboratories , Halcon Resources , the Kinder Morgan family, and National Oilwell Varco . Most of these companies either are, or most likely will be at some point, recommendations here at The Motley Fool. And visiting with the likes of Rob Saltiel and Mark Mey (CEO and CFO of ATW); Dave Demshur and Larry Bruno (CEO and director of US operations of CLB); Floyd Wilson (CEO of HK); Steve Kean (COO of KMI); and Pete Miller (CEO of NOV) reinforced why they were recommended in the first place.

It should come as no surprise that many were mentioned in our other interviews without us even hinting at the fact that we had them on the books that week. Great minds tend to think alike, and they also tend to recognize those on their level. What made these interviews so unique was that each company focuses on a different segment of the business. That offered us insight and opinions from multiple different perspectives. All told, we covered offshore drilling, reservoir description services, exploration and production, transportation, and equipment suppliers.

What to expect
As I mentioned earlier, we can't wait to bring this content to the forefront of our site for our readers and members to hopefully learn as much as we did. You will be treated to video footage of our interviews with Pete Miller and Steve Kean and written coverage from all five. It is our promise to attempt to convey these lessons at as passionate a level as they were given to us. To make sure you don't miss a beat, follow us on Twitter (@TMFEnergy), where we will keep you updated as the material rolls out on the site.

Thanks again to everyone involved, and Fool on.

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