Obamacare Exchanges Begin: What Does It Mean For Workers?

Symbolic presentation of the high cost of prescription medication. US $100 bills in pill containers.

You probably know by now that Tuesday is a major day for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Open enrollment has begun, allowing Americans to sign up for the legislation's hallmark exchanges. This means that no American can be denied coverage and that costs cannot be influenced by prior health conditions.

But beyond these new stipulations, what does the new law really mean for Americans? And given that health care is often tied in with your place of employment, what will change for workers? AOL Jobs recently analyzed data from the Kaiser Health Foundation to figure out who's affected and how. And as Chris Ryan, a frequent commentator on the health care law and a vice president for ADP, the payroll and benefits firm, told AOL Jobs, "Most businesses will take care of the administrative work themselves and coverage will continue. And that will make 'Obamacare' invisible for most workers."

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