Gas Meter Reader Gets Trapped With Four-Foot Long Snake

Man Trapped In Basement By Four-Foot Snake!

You never know what you're going to come across during your daily work routine. Take the experience of one British gas meter reader, or gas man, who on Friday was going about his work checking the meters in the southwest London suburb of Surbiton. And when he passed through the local office of the British Heart Foundation, he stumbled across something far from the ordinary -- a four-foot long corn snake.

To make matters worse, the man, who has not been identified in reports, found himself stuck in the basement with the reptile for more than an hour with nowhere to exit, according to shop manager John DeCastro. With few options, he jumped on top of an air conditioning unit.

The snake turned out to be harmless, but he of course the worker didn't know that at the time. He recounted to the Daily Mail his shock during the experience: "I turned around and said 'that's not a real snake,'" he said. But then it "just moved - don't touch it!"' was his reaction.

The day was then saved by the arrival of the local police. Sgt. Bob Whitehead was able to remove the snake. "I turned up, looked at it, had a look at the snake, and then basically went and picked him up by the back of the neck," he told Your Local Guardian. "I gave it a little bit of a poke with a paddle and it didn't react too quickly to that. I just stepped in and grabbed him."

The snake was then handed over to the local shop, Reptile Kingdom.

Working with animals is of course not part of the job description for either members of the police or gas meter attendants. But AOL Jobs has reported on the top 10 jobs for working with animals. See the list here.
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