Best Things to Buy in October

October is a month filled with cozy cable knit sweaters, savory pumpkin spice lattes, ghoulish shenanigans and a supply individually wrapped, bite-sized candies that seems to never run dry. It's also a great month to think about holiday gift giving, fall-appropriate apparel and next year's necessities. If saving money is your aim -- and why wouldn't it be? -- check out our list of the best things to buy in October and stock up while deals are hot.

Children's Toys
Got children? Plan to purchase toys for the holidays? October is the best time to buy those toys. In an attempt to lure in buyers, toy manufacturers and retailers get a head start on the Christmas shopping season by offering their toys at discounted prices. This accomplishes several things. First, it means you walk into their store instead of their competitor's and second, it makes you more likely to revisit should you need to purchase something else closer to Christmas.

Denim Apparel
Every year, without fail, a surplus of denim hits retail shelves in the mid to late summer. It's all in anticipation of back-to-school shopping and fall apparel trends. Now that the denim rush is over, all that starchy merchandise has hit the sales rack, making denim one of the best things to buy in October. This season, a classic dark blue jean that fits well is a must-own, as are structured denim jackets. Both these items serve as great layering pieces as you transition your warm-weather wardrobe into ensembles appropriate for chilly temps.

Fine Jewelry
Timing is everything when it comes to getting a good deal on quality jewelry. If you buy during the height of the holiday rush, you're apt to overspend. If you shop at the tail-end of a jewelry sale, you're left with slim pickings. Avoid either extreme by shopping for your fine jewelry from early to mid October. Meander through the malls to find advertised sales in store windows, call up local jewelers and ask about their current sales, or click through the clearance section of your favorite online retailers.

Office and School Supplies
By now, most teachers and students have crossed off all their "must buys" for the classroom. Because no retailer likes a lull in sales, many offer discounts on current office supply stock as a way to move product off the shelves. Whether you're in the market for a stapler, printer, paper, markers, pens or pencils, October is the best time to walk the aisles of your local office supply store to load up on essentials.

Gardening/Outdoor Goods
From camping necessities to grills to flower bulbs, shrubbery and other gardening supplies, October is the best time to buy items intended for outdoor use. If you live in a part of the country ideal for growing plants, flowers, shrubs and vegetables during the fall and winter, take advantage of the deals. The same advice applies to those with a cellar or another area ideal for storing plants through the winter. Also, if your lawnmower, grill or camping gear needs replacing, do it now instead of in the spring when prices go up.