iOS And Android Game Of The Week: September 27, 2013

Free-to-play sports games often smack players upside their heads with excessive micro-transactions designed to inhale money from their wallets. Not so with today's game, which is superb on both iOS and Android. Considering the same publisher dropped the proverbial ball with Madden NFL 25's excessive in-app purchases, it's great to see this title avoid a similar fate.

FIFA 14 is so good we can't believe it's free. EA Sports essentially shoehorned a console-quality game onto smartphones and tablets while at the same time adapting the experience to those devices with user-friendly and thoroughly entertaining tap and swipe controls. The result is an intuitive experience that caters to newcomers in need of instant gratification, as swiping to score goals feels natural. Beyond that, the game includes more than 600 licensed teams and 16,000 players, along with Ultimate Team and online modes. The option to make a purchase is there, but you'll never feel pressured to spend, which makes FIFA 14 the best mobile sports game you'll play. Just make sure you have the 1.35GB of hard drive space to download this monster.

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