This Woman Began Working On Boeing Assembly Lines In 1942

<b class="credit">NBC News</b>
NBC News

In today's economy, workers are lucky if they can stay in the same job or career for more than a year. And then there are people like 93-year old Elinor Otto, who works in the same place she did 71 years ago. Otto works in production for the Boeing Company in their assembly plants in California, and was recently featured by the Los Angeles Times. These days she works on the construction of C-17 cargo planes. She first found work for Boeing back in 1942 helping to build aircraft for the war effort when men were sent overseas.

Her streak with Boeing has not been without interruptions; after World War II, she briefly tried office work but found it unappealing. And her pay has also increased as well, from 65 cents an hour in the 40s to the roughly $38 an hour she makes now, according to NBC News. But there are some constants through Otto's working life. She's still a recognized ace with a rivet gun that's needed for production, for one.