Report: 4,000 Workers Will Die By End Of 2022 World Cup Construction

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Huff Post Live

When a country is awarded an international competition like the World Cup, it's supposed to be cause for celebration. But for the Persian Gulf country of Qatar, the planning for the 2022 World Cup has been accompanied by mounting worker deaths and a recent report projecting 4,000 migrant workers will die by the time of the first kickoff.

The projection was made by the International Trade Union Confederation (ICTU), and was based on the the rate of death over the past two years of construction. Roughly half a million workers from South Asia, including India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, have shown up in the Gulf Emirate looking for work building the hotels, stadiums and other buildings being constructed for the soccer competition, as the Guardian reported. According to a separate Guardian report, 44 Nepalese workers died from June 4 to August 8 of this year.