What You Need To Know About Careers Of The Future

What You Need To Know About Careers Of The Future

The labor market is in a constant state of flux. But the upheaval caused by both the digital revolution and the financial crisis is making today's landscape particularly volatile, as many workers know all too well. Indeed, futurists like Thomas Frey predict half of today's jobs will no longer be in existence by 2030, as AOL Jobs has reported.

Amid such turbulence, AOL Jobs has dedicated its September Jobs week to the theme of, "Future Careers." All week and through Sunday, stories about the future of work will be featured throughout AOL's channels. Topics being explored include: high-paying jobs of the future and how to tell if your employer is spying on you.

AOL Jobs contributor Erik Sherman is one of the lead writers for the series. He's written, for instance, about surprisingly dangerous jobs in the new economy. He also regularly writes about workers' ups and downs with new digital tools including social media.

"The old rules aren't changing. They've being blasted out of existence," he told AOL Jobs. "What seemed like a sure bet at a career 10 of 15 years ago could land you on the unemployment line tomorrow...And how you use technology on the job can make the difference between a promotion and a boot out the door."

Sherman took part in Friday's "Lunchtime Live" series to further discuss the future of work.Watch the highlights reel above for info or the full segment on Youtube.
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