Kaplan Test Prep Comments on the 2013 SAT® Scores Report: College Readiness More of an Issue than Sc

Kaplan Test Prep Comments on the 2013 SAT® Scores Report: College Readiness More of an Issue than Score Stagnation

Also: With the SAT Set for a 2015 Overhaul, Kaplan Survey Finds College Admissions Officers Recommend These Changes: Greater Sensitivity to Diverse Backgrounds, Revamping Writing Section, Better Alignment with High School Curriculum

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mark Freidberg, Vice President and General Manager of Pre-College Programs at Kaplan Test Prep, offered the following statement on today's SAT scores report and accompanying Report on College and Career Readiness released by the College Board:

"Stagnant scores are less cause for concern than the broader issue raised, which is college readiness. But this is a complex landscape, and college readiness means different things to different audiences. College admissions officers do look at test scores, but they recognize it's an incomplete picture. Guidance counselors are focused on educating parents and students on the college admissions process and options. Parents and students are very concerned with the cost associated with going to college -- and ultimately, employability. It's important in the discussion of college readiness not to lose sight of the broader picture."

The SAT scores report comes on the heels of a just-released Kaplan Test Prep survey* of 422 colleges and universities across the country showing that 72% of admissions officers agree that "the SAT should be changed." Though the SAT maker hasn't provided many specifics about the planned changes, the announced intent is to better align the exam with what students learn. College admissions officers surveyed offered an array of opinions on what needs to be changed about the SAT, most notably: being more sensitive to perceived socioeconomic and cultural biases; revamping, making optional or even eliminating the Writing section; and making the SAT's content more reflective of high school curriculum.

To speak with an SAT and college admissions expert at Kaplan Test Prep, please contact Russell Schaffer at russell.schaffer@kaplan.com or 212.453.7538.

* For the 2013 survey, 422 admissions officers from the nation's top national, liberal arts and regional colleges and universities - as compiled from U.S. News & World Report - were polled by telephone between July and August 2013. Among participating schools were 20 of the top 50 ranked ones: http://press.kaptest.com/press-releases/kaplan-test-prep-survey-while-details-are-still-scarce-on-the-planned-2015-sat-overhaul-72-of-college-admissions-officers-agree-the-test-should-be-changed

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