New York City Plumber Says He Was Fired For Helping Save Woman's Life

David Justino was hailed as a hero after he helped save the life of British tourist Sian Green after an August taxi crash severed her foot.  (Photo by Marcus Santos/NY Daily News via Getty Images)
Marcus Santos/NY Daily News via Getty Images

When an act of heroism occurs in the workplace, you'd hope the responsible worker would receive some kind of reward. But 44-year old New York City plumber David Justino (pictured right) says quite the opposite occurred to him as a result of his courageous act of heroism. As was reported by New York's Daily News, Justino says he was fired as a result of his helping to save the life of 23-year old British tourist, Sian Green. He said his high-profile rescue attracted so much attention his managers decided to just be rid of him. He said his employer gave him no official reason, but in a statement to the media, the New York-based Bass Plumbing said the work had simply run out.