Cut The Rope Franchise Exceeds 400 Million Downloads, New OmNom Webisodes Planned

Mobile game stats never cease to amaze, Cut the Rope's in particular. ZeptoLab revealed that its franchise surpassed more than 400 million downloads worldwide. This accounts for 60 million active monthly users during the first half of 2013.

Even more mind boggling? Cut the Rope players snipped 60 billion ropes at a pace of 42,000 ropes per minute, amounting to 20 billion pieces of candy falling into Om Nom's mouth. Yes, somewhere in the world, someone's playing a Cut the Rope game right now.

ZeptoLab released these figures alongside the official Cut the Rope 2 announcement. In addition, the studio plans to roll out new webisodes for its award-winning Om Nom Stories series, which achieved 85 million views on YouTube alone.

In all, great news for the company and fans of the hit games.

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