Half Of All Jobs Today Will Disappear By 2030 And Other Scary Predictions

Robot and group of executives meeting in conference room
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Most people are myopic when it comes to thinking about their work. They think about their job today and maybe the next one they want. But building a career requires a longer view, including an idea of where markets and employment are heading. You don't want to be the equivalent of the young person who decided to apprentice in making buggy whips in 1905.

Building a long-lasting career means at least thinking about what might be ahead in the next 10 to 20 years. So what lies ahead? A good question. We checked with the work of futurists, career experts, and technologists to see what might happen. Some of what they envision is downright scary; some of their predictions might give you hope. But any and all of them should at least get you thinking about what you should do in the near- and mid-term future.