4 Games That Deserve HD Remakes

At a Namco Bandai Tokyo Game Show event, Masaaki Hoshino, producer of the SoulCalibur series, said SoulCalibur 2 HD coming to the Wii U "isn't out of the question." That's awesome.

There's a wealth of opportunity to make HD remakes of games that are, most likely, not going to ever get a sequel -- not just for the Wii U, but for any console. These are just ones that I'd personally like to play in HD glory. I'll try to justify each decision, but odds are if you didn't like these games before, my justification won't matter that much to you.

1. Gladius - 2003 - LucasArts, Activision

2. Shenmue and Shenmue 2 (Obviously) - 1999 and 2001 - Sega

3. Brute Force - 2003 - Microsoft Games Studios

4. Battle Arena Toshinden 2 - 1996 - Playmates Interactive

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