Up Close And Personal With the iPhone 5c

Up Close And Personal With the iPhone 5c

The Motley Fool recently acquired Apple's new iPhone 5c, the company's colorful, plastic model that was just released.

Key competitors like Samsung have received criticism recently over the extensive use of plastic materials, yet Apple is proudly touting the polycarbonate chassis of the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c has greater build quality, though, as feels very solid to hold with no structural compromises. Comparing the device to Apple's last plastic phone, the iPhone 3GS, the new iPhone 5c is a marked improvement.

Following initial disappointment about the iPhone 5c pricing, investors are now warming up to the idea after the Apple announced very strong sales figures of 9 million units over launch weekend. The iPhone 5c may not be the key to tapping lower-end customers in emerging markets for growth, but it could very successfully boost Apple's sales within the mid-range segment in developed economies.

In the following video, Erin Kennedy discusses first impressions of Apple's iPhone 5c with Evan Niu, CFA, and Jamal Carnette.

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