Meet 'The Extreme Job Hunter'


If you think you've worked hard to get a job, then it's time to meet Dan Conway, who dubs himself "The Extreme Job Hunter." Since April, he has tried virtually anything and everything to capture the attention of hiring managers, from trying to auction himself off on eBay, and offering to buy an employer an iPad, to even wrestling in gravy.

The 28-year-old from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, had enough bad luck for everyone. He's been laid off half a dozen times, and some of them from work far removed from his background in advertising. His experience, as he told AOL Jobs in an interview, shows how tough the job market can be, and how even perseverance and ingenuity may not be enough to land a new position.

At this point, despite resorting to tactics that some would consider undignified, perhaps humiliating, he still is unemployed.

When Desperation Set In: Conway, the father of two toddlers, lost his previous job as a project worker in a youth center in June 2012. With no immediate prospects, he says, he tried helping his wife start a business selling cakes at markets. It was a flop. "We couldn't get enough money," Conway says, and the couple started with no capital.