Check out AC IV: Black Flag's Multiplayer

A new trailer for Ubisoft's next iteration in the Assassin's Creed saga has been released, showcasing some of the game's multiplayer aspects, as well as some of the piratical characters you can expect to play as, not all of which are male.

As usual with any new AC IV trailer, the game looks stunningly beautiful, with rich environments and some great, unique looking characters and the environments you'll play in look nice and varied, from on the decks of a pirate ship, to the salty dog bay it resides in, to strangely huge pirate mansions and marketplaces.

Gameplay wise, it's gore, gore and more gore. As you might expect from a game named after cutting someone's throat, you spend most of your time in multiplayer trying to kill and not be killed. Players can phase in and out of the game mid-action, so expect to not know who's human and who's an NPC - that'll be where you skills as a player come in.

In terms of weaponry involved, you'll get a variety of different pistols and bladed weapons in order to eliminate your opponents and defend yourself against those that are trying to hunt you down. There's also smoke bombs and other accessories for making sneaky escapes and successful kills, but you'll have to use them wisely as they'll draw a lot of attention to your non-NPC status if you're not careful.

So looking at the trailer below, what do you guys think? Is AC IV multiplayer going to be a big part of the game for you, or is it just a nice little training area to practice some of your single player skills?

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