3 Madden 25 Offense Tips To Dominate Using Pistol Weak


The key to dominating in Madden 25 is having a variety of plays that look the exact same to your opponent but are completely different. That is why schemes and Madden ebooks have become so important.

Today we will be going over 3 plays from the Pistol Weak formation that look exactly the same to your opponent but have 3 very different objectives.

The first play is a quick pass where you can hit your running back coming out of the backfield or your wide receiver on a curl route.

The second play goes over one of the best running plays in the game where you have the option to either bounce the ball outside or run inside

The third play goes over a screen pass with a few adjustments and an awesome unbumpable wide receiver route.

We will have the 4th and final play to complete this Madden 25 Scheme on Madden School tomorrow so be sure to be on the lookout for it.

In the meantime, check out our full library of free Madden NFL 25 tips.